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Difference between bourbon and whiskey

I know I prefer bourbon to whiskey, at least for now

But I don’t really know the difference. People ask all the time, and for having a preference, I’m always a little embarrassed that I don’t know the answer. We pretty much always look it up, but each time, I continue to be uncertain of the answer.

Now I’ve sifted through and collected the right answer;

Bourbon get’s it’s name from Bourbon County in Kentucky, where it originated.
However, bourbon does not have to be made there to be called bourbon, but it does have to be made in the US. It does have to be made there to be called Kentucky Bourbon.

It is typically sweeter and heavier in texture than other types of whiskey.

It must be at least 51% corn, and not more than 79% corn.

It must be aged in new barrels; they can’t be re-used, as opposed to some other whiskey types.
The barrels must be charred on the inside.

There is no aging requirement.
Most bourbons are aged for 4 years or more, but not all (especially for new distiller’s trying to get a product on the market)
If it is labeled Straight Bourbon, it must have been aged for at least 2 years. If it is labeled Straight Bourbon and aged less than 4 years, it must be labeled with the age.
It must, however, have been bottled and stored for at least 4 years.

There is an alcoholic proof requirement.
It must be distilled to no more than 160 proof, barreled at 125 proof, and bottled at no less than 60 proof.

It cannot have any additives.

Typically aged in american white oak barrels, as they have the optimal level of porousness.

bonus note - Whisky is from Scotland, Whiskey is from everywhere else