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Convo I had today with Prosper.com about a disappointing evolution of their service

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  • 2:51pm

    Adam Milgrom


    I've been investing on prosper for several years now. So far, I've always handpicked my loans, based on the most appealing personal stories. Went I recently logged in to invest the cash in my account from my recent loan payments, I could no longer find one single loan with any personal stories or information from anyone. Is Prosper moving away from the social aspect of the lending and simply focusing to the financial opportunity for the borrowers and investors ? Why can I no longer find any personal anecdotes or appeals or explanations on any of the loan listings? I really liked investing on Prosper, but I'm not sure how to go about re-lending my cash without my usual selection process, and before I consider the automated program you run, I want to know if the personal aspect is no longer an option for me.

    Thank you,

    - Adam

  • 2:58pm


    Hi Adam-

    Thanks for reaching out. We have removed this option for the time being. It's something we are testing. We understand there is a population of investors who value this option and are testing it for now. we may put it back sometime soon.

  • 5:11pm

    Adam Milgrom

    Oh! Good to know that it was totally removed and I'm not crazy and it's not just not even available to people, not that they simply stopped doing it. I am disappointed to hear it was intentionally removed. I always advocated for that aspect of it, and even more, for a message board-type communication vehicle where the borrower could post updates, like how the application of the funds is working out, why they missed a payment, etc.