Hi there

My hummus recipe

Here is one way to make delicious hummus ;)

Basic ingredients to keep in the house;
1 29oz can of chickpeas
garlic cloves
bottle of tahini
bottle of lemon juice
olive oil
*container of za'atar (optional)

You need a food processor. Maybe it would work with a blender; I haven't tried.

Put in 3 tablespoons-ish (i just use a big spoon) of Tahini

Add some lemon juice; I just keep a bottle or that plastic lemon-shaped thing in the fridge and use that. I'd say you want to start with about 1 tablespoon-ish, and then you can add more if you think it's a good idea.

Add 1 whole clove of garlic, peeled, with the hard bottom cut off.

Add some olive oil to give it some more moisture; maybe 1-2 tablespoon(s)-ish

Blend that up so it's mixed a bit.

Drain a 28oz-ish can of chickpeas and put it in; it's actually good if there is still a little of the liquid from the can.

Blend the crap out of it so that it looks like hummus.

While it's blending, drizzle more olive oil in thru the opening in the top of the food processor; this helps make it creamy (i think they call it emulsification or something, but this is the secret to how you make most sauces and stuff creamy; drizzling oil in while mixing. this also keeps the oil from separating when refrigerated.).
If you need more liquid to make it less chunky, but have already put in a lot of oil (i am not afraid of lots of oil, so this only happens to me sometimes, but i know other people don't like to use so much, and hummus is just one of those recipes that is supposed to have a lot of oil; in the middle east, their oil is actually very healthy for you and supposedly is one of the reasons they are a Blue Zone), you can replace the oil with water and do the same thing, or, better than water is if you have more juice from the chickpea can; just be careful not to do too much water because it will make it watery.

Once it has the consistency that you want, taste is and add more of different things until it tastes the way you want; this can be a fun game, because it always tastes amazing, to see how you can change it and how it tastes differently amazing.

The great thing about hummus is that there is A LOT of room for flexibility in the amounts without really screwing it up, and you can have hummus with so many different varieties of stronger flavors; more tahini flavor, more garlic flavor, more lemon juice flavor, add red bell peppers, etc. The other interesting thing is that Tahini is one of the few things you can buy where every brand can taste remarkably different, by brand or region or organic/not, etc. If you want yours to always taste the same, be careful about that; if not, have fun.

If you really want to make it awesomer, get some Za'atar (pronounced Zah-tar) seasoning and sprinkle it on top to your heart's delight, and then drizzle olive oil on top, before eating.

Best when consumed with challah or pita or pita chips or carrots or broccoli or falafel or chicken or gummy worms ;)

*this is just one way to make hummus. there are a zillion variations. you don't have to use canned chickpeas, you can peel the chickpeas, you can mix by hand, you can add different stuff, you can substitute chickpeas with other vegetables, etc. but this way has been super easy for me and tastes yummy.